Terms & Conditions

Warranty Terms and Conditions

To claim warranty service the original dated purchase receipt or a copy must be presented to our service staff at the time of service/repair.

Our Standard warranty is 12 months against materials and manufacturing defects and the original purchaser is entitled to this warranty subject to the following terms and conditions. 

(1) For any manufacturing/material defects in the judgment of our service department, caused under normal use,  ALCOM under its own discretion will repair/replace the unit within the warranty period.  Any defective parts which have been replaced will be retained by ALCOM. Units after repair or replacement will be covered for balance of the original warranty period or for Ninety(90) days whichever is longer, from the date returned to customer.


(a) If no proof of purchase /receipt can be produced at the time of service/repair.
(b) If the product has been damaged through misuse, negligence, dropdown, corrosion, wear and tear, accidents, fire, flood, lighting  strikes and natural calamities.
(c) If the product has been modified, disassembled, altered, tampered and/or repaired by other than ALCOM’s authorized personnel.
(d) Failed to follow the provided user manuals or used with wrong electrical supply/voltage.
(e) Handsets found charged using Alkaline Batteries which caused leakage and damage.
(Only supplied rechargeable batteries to be used)

(3) For Radio Communication Devices, the warranty does not cover any problems arising from range, interference and distortion which are caused due to environmental conditions.

(4) This warranty covers Ninety(90) days for accessories such as connecting cables, rechargeable batteries, AC adaptors from the date of the original purchase.

(5) This warranty does not cover ear-mics, headsets and external /internal casing, keypad, antennae, which are damaged due to wear and tear or end of life.

(6) Customers are advised to bring the COMPLETE UNIT for any service/repair. Cordless handsets cannot be reparied without it’s base unit. Baby Monitors cannot be tested without it’s  camera unit. AC adaptors need to be tested for all devices.

(7) This warranty does not cover any postage/courier or transportation charges incurred to and from the service centre.
Customer(s) must send the unit to our service centre and collect it back after repair.

(8) Warranty Services are available in Singapore Service Centre only. No outdoor Services are provided.

(9) ALCOM ELECTRONICS PTE LTD will not be liable for any loss, damages, injuries or whatsoever that may occur directly or indirectly from using their products.

(10) The customer(s) agree to abide by the above terms & conditions and decision of ALCOM shall be final.